Grace Thats Tight

“If we are going to preach freedom it needs to be allowed!” – Steve Brown

“Grace is favor shown to the undeserving; and the more we grow in grace the more we perceive our undeservingness, the more we feel our need of grace, the more sensible we are of our indebtedness to the God of all grace.” – Arthur Pink

“The Bible’s purpose is to show you how God’s grace breaks into your life against your will and saves you from the sin and brokenness otherwise you would never be able to overcome… religion is ‘if you obey, then you will be accepted’. But the Gospel is, ‘if you are absolutely accepted, and sure you’re accepted, only then will you ever begin to obey’. “- Tim Keller

Grace  Calls For Radical Worship World Prayr PodcastThe point of these podcasts is to discover the jewels that are found in the radical teaching of free grace and the freedom God has called us to in that grace as Paul described in Galatians 5:1.

“Free grace can go into the gutter, and bring up a jewel!” – Spurgeon

Throughout this site you will discover different things that represent or might be said by a surfer or someone who would live in that lifestyle. As we can began praying over this new project by World Prayr we began discussing and looking for a theme that we felt represented the very message that we hoped to explore and share what we believe God has placed on our hearts.

The lifestyle of a surfer and those who live the lifestyle is one of freedom whether that freedom is used for good or bad. The very freedom grace calls us to that as a result Paul says we must choose between serving the flesh or the spirit in Galatians 5:16-26.

Then we chose certain elements in the design to depict the lifestyle. Here are the things you might find.

  1. In your address bar you will find where it says ‘GraceThatsTight’ this is surfer speak saying grace that’s so right because there is nothing more right.
  2. Then in the header logo you will see a few things:
    • You will see it says ‘SWEEETTTTTT PERF GRACE’ both ‘SWEEETTTTTT’ and ‘PERF’ are spelled as a surfer might say them. (NAH! And you thought they were spelling errors) This is to show a reality of truth in that there really is nothing sweeter nor more perfect than grace.
    • Sitting on top of the word GRACE is a windsurfer symbol again emphasizing the freedom God has called us to.
    • Even the font used are surfer fonts such as ‘Surfing and Play’!

Then right below there are three graphics each pertaining to a different message. The graphics are as follows:

    1. The first one again has a surfer word on it which is ‘WICKED’ which is another way of saying awesome. Really it is!
    2. The second graphic has a message that is central to the heart of World Prayr. That being ‘SERVICE’, however we take it a step further and use the ‘Servant’ to describe those would serve within World Prayr. The reason for this is found in the verse listed on this graphic, Romans 6:22, which identifies who we are now in Christ.

Some who may read this or hear our podcasts might say we are teaching what is known as ‘EASY GRACE’ or ‘CHEAP GRACE’ Live As Free Men To God's Glory - World Prayr to this we would equal Dr. Steve Brown’s words when he says “If grace were not cheap you could not afford it and if it were not easy you could never do enough to acquire it.” These same ones who might attack us or Dr Brown would call those who work in their churches or ministries volunteers.

To which we would reply REALLY!? So you believe that we are giving freely to God, we have not been paid, God needs something from us, any old thing is fine, God should be thankful that we are doing something for him and a whole host of other thought patterns that come with that word! We would then ask that challenges others HOW? We suggest those who do to visit 1 Peter 2:16.

  1. The third graphic depicts ‘Prayer & Worship’ ‘Measured By His Grace.’ It is through the abundant immeasurable grace he has given us that enables our prayers to be effective and us to be returned back to our original purpose which is to worship him.

Prayerfully through these podcasts  not only will you learn to live in the FREEDOM God has given you through GRACE, but also learn that he did not do it for you!

D.A. Carson writes: “It is not enough for Jesus’ followers to ‘hang in there’ and wait for the end. They must see themselves for what they are—servants who owe it to their Master to improve what he entrusts to them. Failure to do so proves they cannot really be valued disciples at all.”

We invite you you to join us in learning from the Master how to dance in the Wicked Freedom God has given us through Grace.

“Grace ought to be taught in such a way as to tell the listener it’s O.K. to sin but so completely that it encourages the listener to lay it all down is seeking to do everything we do to his glory, while being his instruments for his glory.” – Pastor Pat Badstibner

Romans 5:1-2 Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

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