Recording a Podcast for World Prayr

So you want to record a podcast for World Prayr?


First there are some technical skills you will need to master to do the actual recording and editing and secondly you will need to work out what you are trying to produce. Know in advance that recording and editing podcasts can be time consuming, our experience is that depending on how much editing you need to do a rough guide is that a podcast will take about 4 or 5 times as long as the finished content to record and edit.

This is unlikely to be true of your first few attempts which will probably take a fair bit longer. The skills needed to do the editing and production is a craft and like all crafts it just takes practice.

Fortunately for the technical skills side of thing Daniel Lewis hosts a great podcast called The Audacity to Podcast that covers doing all of this, have a look at

You will also need a pop filter, you can find instructions for making one at home at

There are a number of thing to keep in mind as you record a podcast for the first time.

1. You will seem very bad at this to start with. Keep at it, it does take some practice to get right.
2. You will probably talk to fast the first time you do it. Just record over and remember to pace yourself.
3. You will hate the sound of your own voice because it won’t sound right. You will get over that and get used to it.
4. The perfect is the enemy of the good. Perfection is not the key element here, the message is.
5. Get feedback from people you trust to tell you if something is no good although hopefully in a gentle way. You don’t want your first experience of feedback to be from someone with the tact of Simon Cowell.
6. To yourself, you really will seem bad at this to begin with. Don’t get discouraged.

So now that you have some expectations set and have some idea how to do this from a technical perspective there are a number of other questions to consider.

What are you trying to create and who are you creating it for? Is it just going to be you talking? A round table discussion with people? An interview? Are you going to do a free form discussion? Read from a prepared script? Talk off the top of your head?

For your first go at podcasting, unless it is a round table format or interview format we suggest you work from a script or at least prepared notes. If you are working from notes you will need to watch your inflection. It is easy to end up reading in a monotone. In terms of length you can read about 1500 words in 10 minutes depending on how fast you read aloud.

If you are doing some sort of a group discussion be aware that these tend to take a while to edit down. They can be done but they can be time consuming. Just be aware of this.

Apart from the style of podcast you want to record it is also important to decide what sort of content you want to produce. Is it Instructional? Devotional? Encouragement? Take some time to plan your idea out and work out what it is that you will offer that is unique. Then give it a go and see what you come up with. Don’t get discouraged and stick at it.

A few extra notes for doing podcasts with World Prayr. If you want to use music or sound effects in your podcast you will either need to record the music and sound effects yourself or get the proper permissions to make use of the sound effects and music. You can find lots of sound effects at that you can use provided they have an Attribution, Non-Commerical, Attr-NonCommercial or Public Domain license.

You will need to keep track of whatever sound effects you use unless they are Public Domain. If you fail to let us know what sound effects you are using you can risk World Prayr getting sued. In terms of music, you can get public domain or creative commons licensed music in lots of different places.

Music and sound effects usually require some sort of licensing and attribution requirements so if you want to use it please discuss it with whoever you are coordinating with as we will not be able to use any podcast that we are unsure of the licensing requirements for.

In terms of licensing, World Prayr podcasts are normally released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commerical Share Alike 3.0 license. You can learn about Creative Commons Licenses at

The short version of what the license means is, people are free to share it and free to make derivative works from the podcast provided they give attribution for the source of the information. They are not permitted to sell the work and if they remix it they are required to release it under the same license.

If you have a problem with these license terms we can discuss alternatives but unless there is good reason not to use this sort of license it is preferable as it keeps things simple.

At the end of this process you will have a podcast. Contact and they will know what to do with it.

We look forward to partnering with you in this creative project.

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