Service or Sabbath, Grace for the Moment with Joe

There is certainly a time for us to sacrifice, labor, toil, work, serve, or minister. God gives all of us spiritual and temporal gifts, and he expects us to steward and spend them for his glory and our neighbor’s good. Yes, it is good for us to work as did Moses, labor as did disciples, minister as did Paul, and serve as did Mary. There are certainly benefits when we do serve. As the Father witnesses our obedience, worship, and selfless service, he smiles. It thrills him to see what he does through the hearts and hands of his redeemed children. He loves to see us loving and looking like his Beloved Son. Yes, when we labor, God grins, brothers and sisters are benefited, the Gospel is promoted, and our own souls are encouraged and made glad. However, despite the duty and benefits of service, something better is before us. According to Jesus, it is better for us when we sabbath than when we serve.

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