The Book - Walking In God's Grace

Walking In God's Grace

Practical Answers To Tough Questions

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Perhaps you have just accepted Christ as your Savior or maybe you have been saved for a while and just have some questions or are looking for answers to some questions. Perhaps you feel that you are stuck on this journey we call grace, not sure how to move forward. It is for these reasons that World Prayr and Energion Publications have developed this book.

We pray that you may find answers, possible direction, and relief in some of the answers to the questions you see below. We may not cover all the questions you might have in our little book, nor all the answers. We have tried to address the most common questions that not only as a ministry but as pastors, teachers and leaders we have encountered.

This book is not meant as an end all or the ultimate answer, that was already written and is the most popular book of all time, it is only the intention of this book to help one grow further in one's journey.

We have written this in a question and answer format so that you may go through the book and find the question you need an answer for or a particular one you want to see how we answered. As such, you do not need to read the entire book to get benefit out of it. However, it is our desire and belief that the more you read the more you will benefit from it!

So each chapter is a question with an answer to follow. As we were searching for a way to make it stand out from the noise, the amount that has been written on this particular topic we felt that this was indeed the best way. It is our prayer that those who read this will find this a consistent and relaible resource and a book to turn to for what are sometimes difficult questions.

Tough Questions - Chapter Titles



3) What does it mean to be saved or what does the word salvation mean?

4) If I resist the grace of God, can I lose my salvation?

5) What happens if I go on sinning?

6) Can I know for sure that I have eternal life?

7) What about repentance?

8) Why do I keep sinning?

9) Do I need to make Christ the Lord of my life?

10) Do I need to do good works?

11) What is the purpose of God's laws now that I am a Christian?

12) I have not been living right and have messed up really bad, can God still or will he still forgive me?

13) It's in the past, God's forgiven it, so I can move on without talking or dealing with anyone else, right?

14) My friends and family feel threatened by my new faith. How do I reassure them that I care just as much for them?

15) Now that I am a Christian should there be a difference in my life or should I feel different?

16) Will coming to Jesus make my life easier or happy, healthy and wealthy?

17) Does the Bible really say if two or more pray, agreeing on anything that God will do it for them? Does this mean God will give us anything?

18) Won't teaching grace this way, create apathy and spiritual laziness?

19) What is easy or cheap grace?

20) What is the motivation upon which I should serve God?

21) I have been told I need to make myself more deserving of God's grace?

22) Can I get more of God's grace?

23) Will my being faithful help build, sustain or maintain my identity in Christ?

24) What about Obedience?

25) Something bad is happening or has happened in my life. Is God punishing me?

26) Will reading my Bible and praying help me grow in grace?

27) How Do I Read My Bible?

28) How Do I Pray?

29) How Does God Use The Bible and Prayer to communicate to me? Are there other ways God communicates with me?

30) Will God give me more than I can handle?

31) How do I receive or get more of the Holy Spirit?

32) Will I hear God speaking to me?

33) What does it mean to be a part of God's family?

34) Do I need to go to church?

35) What is the best way to share my new faith?

36) How can I know God's will for my life?

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